Wired Writing

I’ve been accepted into the Banff Centre for Creativity’s Wired Writing Studio. A miracle, truly. And I can’t wait. And although I haven’t yet started the course I’m already encouraging people I respect to apply for it themselves, because the very idea of the course and the place is so wonderful.

I don’t understand why we don’t have an equivalent here. The Banff Centre, which was founded in 1933, is dedicated to supporting and developing creativity across a range of disciplines, including writing, dance, music, drama and visual arts. It’s evidently well-regarded by creative types. It’s broader and more ambitious in scope than The Wheeler Centre, as sincere and upbeat as 826 Valencia, and considerably less frumpy and self-righteous than the Varuna Writer’s Centre. I know there’s more around but not in my state.

So Dave and I have been thinking about this is something we’d like to do when we’re old…even older than we are now. We have a location in mind (with ocean views), a handful of amazing friends and colleagues who could speak/teach/lead adventures as they chose, an agenda that includes inspiring and nurturing people in fields we find interesting. Highly selective, but so far we’re thinking words, digital experiments, music, painting. No cooking classes, no holier-than-thou anything.

First, I have a book to finish.

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