On Persistence

Years ago, at Queensland University, I made a friend called Kriv. He was, and remains, the nicest person you could meet. At a time when we small-city kids were trying to look like we spent our days drifting from London indie clubs to New York art events, Kriv looked decidedly old-school European. He wore stylish button-up shirts that weren’t from op shops, black-framed glasses that didn’t make him look like he was in The Proclaimers, carried a leather satchel rather than a canvas one, and he had an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema. He’d watched hundreds of films. More than that, he made films. He said he was going to be a director, and it never sounded unlikely or pretentious. We knew he was merely stating a fact: he had a dream and was going to follow it. Like I said, nicest person in the world so we all applauded and waited for it to happen.

Kriv’s never stopped making films. Some have been more commercially successful than others but I think they’re all amazingly impressive for the fact they exist as much as the technical and narrative achievements. I’m sure there have been moments of hardship, despair and frustration, but he kept going. His persistence is awe-inspiring.

This year, Kriv released his gorgeous, accomplished film Red Dog. It’s an enormous success, in every way you could possibly define that word. It’s a wonderful achievement for him, and a lesson to anyone who creates: never stop.

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