Twenty-seven Women and CARE

Twenty-seven women said yes when I asked them to contribute to Open Field, the iPad publication my partner Dave and I are making for the international charity CARE. Since we had no affiliation with CARE until this time, and this is the first attempt at an object we’ve never made before, and I was a stranger to most of the women I wrote to, I think this is a remarkable leap of faith on their part.

I’m not suggesting the contributors have done anything foolhardy by saying yes. I’ve treated every word and image with due respect, asked for approval for all of my edits, and will show everyone their work once it’s laid out on the page. But these are busy women, most of whom create for a living. So to contribute time and skill for nix is an act of great generosity.

Open Field is now in the hands of our designer, except for three pieces I’m wrapping my mind around. It’s a slightly trickier task than we’d anticipated to design this publication and make it functional (go figure) so it will be published later than we’d anticipated.

Still, we’re excited. Every cent we raise (after iTunes takes their non-negotiable cut) will go to CARE to help women in developing countries. Prior to launch I wanted to let you know who some of these amazing women are, to whet your appetite.

As soon as Open Field is published it will be announced here, on the CARE website, and everywhere else we can manage!

Contributors to Open Field, Issue One, include:

Fatima Bhutto, writer, Pakistan

Liza Donnelly, cartoonist, US

Dr Anne Summers, writer, Australia

Joanna Hershon, writer, US

Louise Weaver, artist, Australia

Sally Seltmann, musician, Australia

Alice Garner, actor/musician/writer/academic, Australia

Nahji Chu, restaurateur, Australia

Wajma Mohseni, Moby Group Marketing Director, Afghanistan

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