Australia, Go to Your Room

Gillard3I’ve started writing on Medium. It’s a wonderfully clean and easy place to post. It does mean, however, one more website in my life…

So, in the name of corralling, organising, and faking control, I’m putting a link here to my most recent article on Medium.

It’s called Australia, Go to Your Room.

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2 Responses to Australia, Go to Your Room

  1. Anthony says:

    Can I make a couple of comments on the story?

    Firstly – Julia Gillard is not a real redhead. She dyes her hair red and has told colleagues in the past that she starting doing so in order to gain attention when she started out in politics.

    Secondly – the mining tax is not an achievement, because it doesn’t work. It was drawn up “in consultation” with the mining industry and it doesn’t raise any money.

    Thirdly – with respect to Anne Summers and her comments on treachery – pull the other one, it plays Jingle Bells. Gillard was Rudd’s professedly “loyal” deputy. She walked into his office on the night of her challenge, said she wasn’t going to challenge, walked back outside, took a phone call from a union boss, walked back in and said she was going to challenge. She took the office with secretive, evasive, deceitful and grossly treacherous conduct. She is a fiercely ambitious headkicking politico who lives by the sword. She had to know that the elected PM that she took power from would try to take it back. It actually does her a disservice to paint her as some sort of Bambi figure. She is and always has been one of the fiercest, most competitive and ruthless people in the Labor Party. Rather than being a victim of the brutal game of Australian politics, she is actually one of its star players, and she achieved the highest office in the land by playing it.

    • Hi Anthony. Well, we’re not going to agree on Gillard but I appreciate you taking the time to read my piece and respond to it. I mean that sincerely – it was a long and depressing article. All of the comments people have posted on Medium have been – like yours – considered and articulate. So it seems it’s possible for people to express different opinions in a way that is wildly more evolved than what we’ve seen in Parliament and the Australian media. That alone makes me think our population deserves better than it is getting.

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