In 2018, we launched Storymart. Currently, we’re inviting submissions from short story writers, filling our treasure chest in preparation for opening the site to subscribers. So, if you’re a writer, please submit. If you’re a reader, we’ll be in touch soon!

What is Storymart?
Storymart is a new online home for the world’s best short fiction.

Readers: We invite you to try three stories for free. Search for a story that matches your mood, preferred location or the amount of time you have. Enjoy work from new and award-winning writers. If you’d like to read more stories, subscribe! Your subscription fee lets you continue reading great stories any time, anywhere, and directly supports writers.

Writers: We invite you to submit your best stories. We aim to publish as much good work as we can, from storytellers across the world. Your stories will look beautiful and we’ll keep you in good company – there’s no teen romance, fan fiction or work-in-progress on Storymart. We take your craft as seriously as you do. Once your work is live, you receive money every time a subscriber reads your story.

Our goal is to meet the needs of writers and readers: writers want their work to be seen, and to be paid; readers want simple access to quality short stories of their choosing. Storymart is ad-free, friendly, and exists to bring readers and writers together.

Take a look!

(Illustration by James Stackhouse.)

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