I worked inhouse for Aesop for four years as Senior Writer. Aesop is an international company with its head office in Melbourne. From here, I produced copy that was disseminated across Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia. This included campaigns for new products, monthly newsletters, media releases, city A to Z guides, corporate statements, internal documents, copy for packaging and the website.

Freelance/contract copywriting clients include:
House + Universe
M.L. Vintage
The Royals


2 Responses to Copywriting

  1. roland says:

    hello kirsten,
    maybe you could help me. i am opening a shop of modern slow product with love for design and quality. for this i really would like to carry aesop in the shop. i am trying to get into contact with them but i really do not find a way of how to make this happen. maybe you could help me finf´d the right person. also i really enjoyed all the work youve done for aesop and i am curious what you are doing now. so how to have the chance to follow your creative work.

    best regards out of germany

    • Hi Roland
      I wish I could help but I no longer work for Aesop. The only way to get in touch with them is via their website:
      It’s probably best to address your question to the general email contact address and write ‘retail enquiry’ in the subject line. They get a lot of requests from retailers aroudn the world so they may take a while to respond.
      Thanks for your kind words about my work. I did write for Aesop for four years and am now freelancing, editing an iPad magazine called Open Field, and have just sent a fiction manuscript to an agent for consideration. Who knows what will happen next?
      I wish you every success with your store.
      Kind regards

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