The Melbourne Weekly

When I worked as a sub and gardening section editor on Australian Home Beautiful the editor regarded me as a curiosity. She would throw a smile-frown at me whenever she walked past. Sometimes she would shake her coiffed head at the same time. One day she said to me, ‘Why in the world are you interested in gardening? You’re too young.’

I was bewildered by the comment and remain so. Gardens are amazing – as living things, as works of art, as parts of an ecosystem you can nurture and meld. Without plants we’d have no air to breathe, we’d dine on carcass, what scant rain there is would vanish, the world would have next to nothing green in it at all. On a less hysterical level, to grow a garden is a joy. It feels good to be outside, to dig, to water, to pull a fresh tomato from its stem.

After leaving Home Beautiful I wrote about gardens for my local paper for several years, until the demands of life no longer allowed. Here are a few articles about the gardens I visited and some of the other articles I penned.


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